“A Mission support scheme for the mass movement of unreached people into the kingdom through the mass movement of the Church”

The Missions Advance Support Scheme (MASS) Movement is a support strategy aimed at giving every believer the opportunity to participate in the Missionary enterprise for eternal rewards.

The thrust of the MASS movement is to invite believers to participate financially in Missions by giving regularly (monthly) any amount they can afford (between N1, 000:00 to N5, 000:00) in support of the advance of the frontiers of Missions globally.

  1. R.H.was a scotch Missionary who worked in North Central Nigeria. When he was leaving the U.K with his family, his church held a valedictory service for him. Unknown to him, there was a little girl in the congregation who had a burden to support him financially but could not, As such she came up with an idea. She opened a coin box and decided to save any and every coin gift she had.

After the coin had been appreciated, she packaged it and sent it to R.H and his family. Meanwhile, R. H. had been on the Mission field for some time and things seem not to be working out. Eventually, he decided to return back to the U.K but before then he had to touch base with the colonial office in North Central Nigeria. When he got there, the colonial officer handed him the little girl’s mail with the support she had gathered. The mail from the little girl was very comforting for R.H.  who went on to stay in the Missions field planting churches and raising disciples for the Lord.

The MASS Movement is a call to believers to be involved in kingdom advancement through their resources on a regular basis. Achieving great feat in the kingdom with their means and quietly building great assets for themselves in eternity!

“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account” – Philippians 4:17


When you sign up for Mass Movement:

  1. You receive monthly updates on kingdom exploit among the unreached, unchurched, and least reached
  2. You have the privilege of receiving live and current Missions prayer updates to pray in real-time with other Christians around the world
  3. You are assured of constant and continuous prayers for you. We shall also be interested to receive your personal prayer points to pray for you regularly.


Account Name: Omega Centre for Missions and Evangelism

Account Number: 9147103019

Bank: First City Monument Bank (FCMB)



Email: info@omegamissions.org